Sunday 24 April 2016

Rings of Passage

Finished April 12
Rings of Passage by Karla Tipton

As the novel begins Anise Wynford is leaving the house in Massachusetts she has recently learned she inherited from her late father, a man she barely knew. Someone seems to present and nervous, she runs from the porch, putting on the ring she found in the house. She falls, dreams of being in a suit of armor on a horse in the middle of a battle and when she awakens she doesn't recognize her surroundings. As she is rescued by a horseman, she loses consciousness again, and wakens again in a bed in a stone room, and gradually realizes that she has been transported to another time and place. She is now in England in the time of Richard III.
We also see this story from Richard's point of view, as he too dreams of a dark-haired woman before rescuing that woman, Anise, from a place near his castle. Richard is still mourning the loss of his wife, yet feels strangely drawn to this woman. He is preparing for a challenge to his kingship, and while Anise is aware of the history, she wonders if she dares to alter it.
As the feelings between the two grow, and the role of the rings both Richard and Anise possess becomes known to more people, they must make decisions that affect each other and possibly the future.
This is a story of love, fate, and has a touch of fantasy to it with the magic of the rings and their origin. It is a story of intrigue and treason, of plots and battles. It is also a story of romance and passion.

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