Friday 1 April 2016

A Pair of Docks

Finished March 28
A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis

This novel is the first in a series titled The Derivatives of Displacement. Siblings Simon, Abbey and Caleb are close, particularly the twins Abbey and Caleb. When Abby sees Simon packing a backpack and heading off into the forest, she knows something is up. This is not usual behaviour for her older brother. She seeks out Caleb and the two follow him. They watch him stop at a tree, do something on the ground and then disappear. They are startled, and go to investigate, finding some stones on the ground there. As they touch the stones, they too are drawn out of their present-day world into a scene of clean building, a lake and spaceships. When they catch up to Simon, the three young people ad lib their way through encounters with people in this world, and are surprised to catch a glimpse of someone they know from present day.
Abbey is the most hesitant of the three about going through the stones, worried about being unable to return, and about what they may encounter.
Back home, the three plan for another visit, but when the go, the world they enter is one of a vast desert with sand dunes in every direction. What does this mean, and what is it about this world that makes Abbey feel ill.
Back home, Mark, a neighbour who lives up the hill with his mother and who has Asperger's is also concerned about their going through the stones. The reader gradually learns what unsettles Mark about this, and about other players in this gate through to future worlds.
This is a story about possibilities, about learning who you are and what you are capable of. A very interesting series that will appeal to many. Simon has computer skills, Abbey is a science geek, and Caleb is more creative. A good mix of skill sets for the challenges they encounter.

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