Wednesday 27 April 2016

Old Wolf

Finished April 24
Old Wolf by Avi, illustrated by Brian Floca

This children's novel has two narrators and takes place in the Iron Mountain area of Colorado. One is Nashoba, the aging leader of a wolf pack. The time is early spring, and the wolf pack hasn't eaten in a while. Nashoba is challenged by one of the young males in his pack and while he remains leader, he has been injured. He leaves the pack, including his two young cubs, in search of food to show that he still has the skills to remain leader. He is assisted by a raven, also aging, who hopes that his pack's kill will provide food for her flock as well.
Casey lives with his parents on the edge of the forest. He is just turning thirteen and is addicted to a video game called Bowhunter, where he shoots animals with a bow and arrow. Casey has played it enough to think himself skilled, but, in the world of the video game, the animals he shoots keep reanimating again and again. He seems to have most difficulty targeting two animals, a wolf and a raven.
This is a story of nature and its connection with us, and how we interact for both good and bad effect. The illustrations are lovely.

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