Saturday 2 April 2016

Cathedral of the Wild

Finished March 31
Cathedral of the Wild: An African Journey Home by Boyd Varty, read by the author

This memoir takes us through Boyd's life with background into his parents' lives. Londolozi was founded by Boyd's grandfather as a hunting camp, and transformed by his father and uncle into a nature reserve. Its place in South Africa set it apart, operating outside the normal apartheid regime through the working together of the Varty family and the local people. Boyd, named for his grandfather, grew up in this environment of a reverence for nature and respect for the local skills and knowledge of the people. Boyd's uncle developed into a well-known nature documentary maker, often involving Boyd and his older sister on the filming. From a young age, Boyd learned about his environment and how to manage it so that the wild animals would flourish.
As the visitors to the refuge came and were changed by their experience, Boyd learned from them, and ventured further afield to help his own spirit grow more resilient.
This is a novel of environmental entrepreneurship, connection to nature and passion for the world we share. Boyd reading his own words made it more intense and personal.
This is a story of hope for the future as well, one that encourages the reader to find their own path to fulfillment and happiness.

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