Monday 1 December 2014

The Quick and the Thread

Finished November 30
The Quick and the Thread by Amanda Lee

This is the first in the series featuring Marcy Singer. Marcy left her unfulfilling job as an accountant in San Francisco, and moved to the small town of Tallulah Falls, Oregon to open her own embroidery shop, a long-held dream of hers. She also has a large Irish wolfhound named Angus who she dotes on.
Marcy's close friend Sadie lives in Tallulah Falls with her husband Blake and the two run a coffee shop. In this book, Marcy's grand opening goes well despite the presence of the previous tenant of her space, who seems to want to give her some kind of message. Registration for her evening classes goes well, and she has sold a few things earlier in the day.
The next morning brings trouble though as Marcy discovers a body in her storeroom, and a message scratched into the wall above him. As Marcy tries to figure out the message, its connection with her own troubles, and the local women who seem to have taken to her, she puts herself into some danger as well.
I liked the previous book in this series that I read, Stitch Me Deadly, and it was interesting to go back to the beginning of the series to see its initial case. As I love embroidery, I like the details that are included about the craft as well.

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