Monday 1 December 2014


Finished November 28
Personal by Lee Child, read by Dick Hill

Another wonderful thriller featuring Jack Reacher. This time Jack is drawn back into the government fold by an advertisement in an army newspaper. Once he has met with the officers who have called him in he learns of an apparent plot to kill a world leader.
He is aware of a recent attempt on the president of France, and is now told that there are very few snipers who could have made the shot, and one is a man he arrested more than a decade ago, but who is now out and has slipped off the radar for those who were watching him.
Analysts suspect this attempt is a tryout of a sort, and with the G8 meeting coming up in London within a few weeks, they suspect a real attempt will be made there.
Reacher is teamed up with a young woman, a CIA agent who has been seconded to the State department. She is untried in the field, and has worries of her own. Reacher must play a role for her that alternates between partner and mentor.
Their quest takes them first to rural Arkansas where the sniper was living, and then to Paris and London.
Reacher is as strong a character of ever. He has a strong moral center, and while good at what he does, he doesn't let his confidence in his skills become more than simple confidence. His knowledge of Paris lets him move quickly when the action takes place there, and he uses his knowledge of human nature and motivation to take control of the situation in London before it control him. And the title is very apt. The sniper may have a personal revenge he wants to take against Reacher for arresting him those many years ago, but someone else makes this case even more personal than that. A wonderful read as always.

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