Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Betrayal of Trust

Finished December 14
The Betrayal of Trust by Susan Hill

Another mystery in the series featuring Simon Serrailler of the Lafferton police. Here we have a few storylines, and while they all relate to each other, Simon doesn't directly interact with all the storylines.
The bones of a young woman are exposed as a hill collapses after a rainstorm, and thus a case of a missing girl that began sixteen years before is closed with her murdered body. As Serrailler reopens her case hoping to discover her murderer, another woman's body is found in the same location. But her identity is more elusive. The police force has a tight budget, and Simon's investigation is mostly on his shoulders.
Simon's sister Cat is still finding her way after the recent death of her husband, and the hospice where she works is struggling financially. When a newcomer to town, a doctor who has opened a nursing home specifically for dementia patients, is suggested to head a new committee for fund-raising for the hospice, Cat finds new hope. Molly, a young intern at the local hospital, is staying at Cat's house, and doing stints at a number of medical institutions, including Cat's hospice and the new nursing home.
Jocelyn still lives on her own, but meets up with her daughter, Penny, a successful barrister, regularly. When she notices some physical problems, she goes to see her doctor, Cat, but realizes quickly that she must face up to a more serious diagnosis than she originally thought. She knows what the future will hold, and isn't sure that she is up to facing that. Jocelyn begins to consider self-euthanasia, but the ways and means aren't clear, and asking for help isn't easy. She struggles with the choices available to her.
As always these books are about the people, the characters, their choices and motivations. An excellent read.

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