Sunday 7 December 2014

Give Me Tomorrow

Finished December 5
Give Me Tomorrow: The Korean War's Greatest Untold Story - The Epic Stand of the Marines of George Company by Patrick K. O'Donnell, read by Lloyd James

This book follows the men of George Company of the US Marines through their battles in Korea. From the sea landing at Inchon, through their fight to get to the Chosin Reservoir, and back to Inchon again.
The description of the battles they fought is matter of fact, graphic and brutal. The story isn't entirely linear, and some scenes appear more than once, almost as teasers to a more complete scene told later. We see the stories of individual men, and how they faced the challenges, and the losses that the battles brought to them. The words of the individual men are what add the immediacy that comes through here.
This isn't an easy book to read, and it shows the brutality and horrifying nature of war along with the courage and endurance that the men involved showed.

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