Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Finished December 27
Trespass by Rose Tremain
This was a very surprising novel. A lot of the story revolved around brothers and sisters and their relationships to each other. We have antiques store owner Anthony Verey and his older sister Veronica. Anthony is feeling that the passion has gone out of his life and looks to Veronica for rescue, as he has done all his life.
In the Cevennes, Aramon Lunel, a weak and alcoholic old man, looks to rid himself of his ancestral home, but still requests help from his sister Audrun. The disfunctional relationship between these two is darker, but no less fraught than that of the Vereys.
More of the plot comes when the two families cross paths briefly, but significantly.
This is a sad story, about lives unfulfilled, about a lack of real happiness, about the dependencies of siblings. But also a rich story, with much to ponder.
A very good read.

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