Thursday, 30 December 2010

Started Early, Took My Dog

Finished December 30
Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson
I love Kate Atkinson's novels. She is such a good writer. Everyone I read amazes me. She has great characters, with interesting complexities. Her plots are interesting and unique. This new novel is no exception.
Jackson Brodie is back again, this time looking for the missing past for a woman. But he isn't the only one searching for something, and there are parties interested in keeping it all buried.
A new and interesting character here is Tracy Waterhouse, retired police detective superintendent. She is working in mall security now, until she witnesses something that triggers action in her. Her choice changes her life forever.
There is Tillie, an aging actress sliding into dementia, haunted by a loss in her past.
And there is Courtney, agreeable, content, with her growing pack of remembrances.
Atkinson's turn of phrase keeps jumping out at me too. Some of my favourites:
"Some women were destined for widowhood, marriage was just the obstacle in their way."
"It used to be the poor who were thin and the rich who were fat, now it seemed to be the other way around."
"...couldn't feel sorry for womeone who was so imperfectly equipped to deal with any drama that they weren't themselves the centre of."
She is just a great writer, and tells a great story.

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