Monday, 25 January 2010

Italian Mystery

Finished January 24
About Face by Donna Leon
This is always one of my favourite series and I enjoy the complexities of the plot and Brunetti's questions around morals and ethics. I also enjoy his family and the interaction between them. The other wonderful things about this series are Venice and the food. I'm always dying to eat Italian after reading one of these books.
This mystery has Brunetti drawn into two investigations that aren't really his. One is a very non-official one where his father-in-law has asked for information on a potential business partner. The other is where a Carabinieri officer has asked for assistance in locating a suspect in a murder. As Brunetti looks into these two, he also looks at who he can trust. We see more of some of the other officers he works with as well as more of his wife's parents.
A joy to read, as usual.

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