Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mystery Audiobook

Finished January 22
Death Wore White by Jim Kelly, read by Roger May
This book has a lot going on. DI Peter Shaw has been teamed up with DS George Valentine, his father's old partner, demoted after the last case the two had.
There are still questions around that last case and the behaviour of the police.
When the two are sent out to the coast to check out hazardous containers that have washed ashore, they find more than they expected. Shaw already has an eye injury from a previous incident with hazardous waste washed ashore. When they find the container he is cautious and they search the beach, only to find a body in an inflatable ding, with human bite wounds.
When Shaw climbs a hill, he also finds a line of stranded traffic on the nearby road. When the two go to the road to find out what has happened, they find many hard to explain things, the largest of which is a dead body in the lead vehicle, with no footprints leaving the vehicle.
As the cases expand, and intersect in interesting ways, and another body is found we see into the heads of the two detectives and the motivations that drive them.
This was a very interesting book, with no easy answers.

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