Thursday, 7 January 2010

Audiobook from series

Finished January 6
Running Scared by Ann Granger, read by Nicole Arumugam
This is from the Fran Varady series, one of my favourites. Fran has through a variety of events in her life been homeless, and while she now has a home, she is still living close to the edge.
Her friend Ganesh has been left to manage his uncle's newsagency while he is away on a trip, and Fran has been given a job helping out in the shop. Fran has also taken on part-time work from time to time as a private investigator.
Ganesh has decided to get a renovation done on the small washroom behind the shop while his uncle is away. Just before the work starts, a man who has been attacked takes refuge in the shop and Ganesh allows him to use the washroom.
The man is later found dead near Fran's home, and when they find a roll of film hidden in the washroom, they wonder if the two events are related.
Fran also makes contact with a homeless girl that she knew from her own homeless days, and offers to help her. Between these two situations, Fran is kept busy and the police soon become involved in her life again.
I like the character of Fran, feisy and independent, and generally a good judge of character. She often takes risks when she helps others, but this doesn't dissuade her good nature.

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