Friday 13 November 2020

Teaching Mrs. Muddle

Finished November 5 
Teaching Mrs. Muddle by Colleen Nelson, illustrated by Alice Carter

The illustrations were the best part of this book. They absolutely made the story come to life. The kindergarten teacher is perpetually confused about where to go and what to do, and the drawings of her show her confusion and ditziness. 
Kayla, the little girl shown on the cover, meets her teacher Mrs. Muddle on her first day of kindergarten and suddenly all of her worries and problems look insignificant compares to those of the teacher. She is busy correcting and helping Mrs. Muddle all day, and has no time to be worried about school.
From problems matching nametags to kids at the beginning of the day, to going to different rooms in the school as the day progressed, to using snacks as art supplies, the kids learn to work together to get things done and keep Mrs. Muddle organized. Kayla is too busy to miss her mom. 
The endpapers are filled with more illustrations, alphabet pictures of letters and animals whose names start with the letters (or for Xx end with them). 

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