Saturday 11 January 2020

An Island Christmas

Finished January 11
An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer

This short novel is set on Nantucket as Jilly prepares for the wedding of her second daughter Felicia, which is to take place on Christmas day. Jilly is closer to her eldest daughter Lauren, who lives in New York with her husband and two children, who shares similar interests, and who visits often. Felicia is more outdoorsy, and she now lives in Colorado and her fiance is a rugged man who also spends most of his time outdoors running adventure tours.
Jilly has always dreamed that Felicia would marry a boy she grew up with and live closer, and even in the face of Felicia's impending marriage, still tries to manipulate things to that end.
George, Jilly's husband, can see the stress in Jilly and encourages adding a cat to their household to calm Jilly. The cat is not the one they expected to get, but is definitely the one Jilly needed, and he adds a lot to this story.
The family dynamics are interesting and I liked how the characters were a bit unpredictable. A cosy book for a light, enjoyable read.

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