Tuesday, 21 January 2020

What Cats Think

Finished January 12
What Cats Think by Mies van Hout, text by John Spray

This lovely picture book showcases the beautiful artwork of Mies van Hout. Her pictures are engaging and show the emotions and movement of the cats perfectly. You can see the emotions on the cats' faces as described in the text, and the wide variety of cat types helps kids find the one that they can relate to, either due to cats they know personally, or the way the cats have similar emotions to the kids. Whether its worry about going to the vet, jumpiness at sudden noises, or anger at the loss of an object they liked, the cats show feelings similar to the children's own experiences with doctor visits, surprises, or loss. There are lots of different kinds of feelings shown too from curiosity and joy, to panic and confusion. What a great way to have kids both explore their own emotions and relate to animals in their lives. I only wish it could tell me what my cat is thinking when it yells at me from the kitchen in the middle of the night despite full food and water bowls.
I also loved the colours here, where drawings are each saturated with one colour showing the different shades and intensities in a fun way.

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