Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wrap-Up Post for the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge 2016

Monthly Motif Reading Challenge 2016

Here is the hosting page for the challenge. Here is my sign-up page.

Each month has a motif or theme that you have to read a book in. I completed all of them except for July.

* Who Dunnit? Crack the case and solve the mystery
The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill. Finished January 3
* New Releases. Read a book released in the last year
Where Secrets Sleep by Marta Perry. Finished February 18
* Take a Trip. Time travel or read a book set in a different country than where you live
A Pair of Docks by Jennifer Ellis. Finished March 28 (time travel)
* Best of the Best. Read a book that has won recognition or a literary award
Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. Finished April 26
* Story of Survival. Make it out alive, beat the odds, save yourself stories. Think beyond the typical.
Asking For It by Louise O'Neill. Finished May 9
* Girlxoxo Recommends. Check the host site for recommendations
Liar by Justine Larbalestier. Finished June 28
* LOL. Hilarious memoirs, silly chick lit, comedic scifi. Pick a book that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. [Did not read a book for this category]
* Genre Jumble. Read from a genre you don't normally read from.
You're Not Lost If You Can Still See the Truck by Bill Heavey. Finished August 26
* Steampunk, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. Something from one of these genres.
Roses and Rot by Kat Howard. Finished September 25
* Things that Go Bump in the Night. Cozy mystery ghost stories, paranormal creeptastic, murder mysteries - it's up to you.
Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd by Alan Bradley. Finished October 11
* Fiction Takes a Break. Anything nonfiction
Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. Finished November 14
* That's a wrap. Finish a series you've been meaning to finish or read the next book in a series you started by never finished.
The Slow Waltz of Turtles by Katherine Pancol. Finished December 31

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