Sunday 18 December 2016

Quality of Care

Finished December 17
Quality of Care by Elizabeth Letts

Clara Raymond is an obstetrician driven by true care for her patients and a drive for perfection. One evening as she is working, a pregnant woman and her husband arrive unexpectedly. All three are surprised to see each other. The couple was just passing through town when the woman had some symptoms that caused her concern. They had no idea that they would encounter Clara, but are pleased to see her. Lydia is a childhood friend of Clara's, one who saved her life during a terrible accident. Gordon is Clara's college boyfriend, whom she hasn't seen since their breakup. She knew they were married, but having mixed feelings for both, hasn't seen either of them in years and didn't expect to. Clara is there to attend a delivery from a young teenage mother, and after evaluating Lydia's symptoms and looking her over, admits her for observation, not thinking there is any reason to be worried. But when things go tragically wrong, Clara feels it strongly because of her personal connection. The aftermath sends Clara back to California, where she grew up and where questions about her father remain unanswered. She doesn't expect that it will be easy to track down the woman she needs to talk to, but when serendipity brings her to Eleanor's doorstep, and she finds herself taken for someone else, she goes along, falling back into old patterns as she reconnects with her past and finds answers not only about her father, but also about the accident that nearly took her own life.
This book is a page-turner, and the character of Clara is well-drawn in her intensity and passion. Thoroughly enjoyable read.

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