Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Finished December 4
Boom by Mark Haddon

I've loved every book of his I've read and this one is no exception. But this is a book for kids. Jim and his older sister Becky have the usual brother sister teasing relationship, although she's grown a bit more antagonistic lately. So when she tells him she overhead teachers talking about shipping him off to a reform school, he's pretty sure she's teasing, but not absolutely sure. He talks to his best friend Charlie and the two decide to bug the teachers' staffroom to see if it's true. What they hear shocks them both. It would seem that two of the teachers have a secret language, but what is behind this. As the two boys investigate, things begin to get a bit scary for them, and when Charlie disappears Jim finds himself calling on Becky for assistance. Of course, as with all older sisters she comes through when it counts.
With a great story, and great characters, this book is a winner all the way. There's a nice side story of Jim's dad and his struggle for meaning in his life, too.

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