Friday 1 July 2011


Finished June 30
Matched by Ally Condie
This teen dystopian novel is set in a society where the Officials decide most things for the citizens. Everything from your job to your life partner is decided by Officials on your behalf. Cassia goes to her Matching ceremony and is matched with someone she already knows (an unusual occurence). She knows the choice is right for her, but later when she views her card with information on her match, another face pops up, briefly.
She is now faced with a choice: accept the official version of the story and choose Xander, or take a path of resistance and choose Ky.
There are many questions here about society, choices, and how the choices we make determines our future. Did someone make an error, and if so, who? Why Ky? And how does Cassia really feel about this. Small acts of rebellion can make a big difference, and Cassia is not the only one to face choices against the Officials.
An interesting plot, with interesting characters.

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