Sunday 17 July 2011

Too Far

Finished July 16
Too Far by Rich Shapero
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
This is the story of two young children, Robbie and Fristeen. Robbie's parents have moved to Alaska for his father to do graduate study work. His mother is controlling and worries about his safety. His father encourages his sense of adventure and first moves to independence. His parent's marriage is breaking down and Robbie feels that he is to blame for some of the outbursts.
Fristeen's mother is more interested in her next fix than she is in her daughter. Fristeen runs wild, and is not cared for.
For one summer the two six year olds explore the forest around their homes, finding secret spots, learning about each other and both sharing and protecting each other from the two worlds.
In the forest they are led forward by Dawn and the Dream Man. They encounter the malevolent force Shivers that threatens them. This is a summer that will change their lives, and that they will never forget.
An interesting story and a glimpse into the mind of a young child.

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