Monday 27 June 2011

The Last Christian

Finished June 26
The Last Christian by David Gregory
Proselytizing through fiction is what I came away with from reading this book.
It's a thriller set in the year 2088, a time where Christianity has disappeared from North America. Abigail Caldwell emerges from a jungle village in Papua New Guinea, the sole survivor of a mysterious illness that killed the other villagers. Abby's parents were missionaries to the local Isisi tribe, and Abby lived her whole life there. Abby is assisted in making her way back to her parent's home country of the United States by an American doctor working in the country. She is forwarded an old message left for her at the mission offices by her grandfather saying that he and her grandmother felt that her mission was to reintroduce the Christian faith in America.
There is also another force at work in the US. The leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence has perfected a technique to download the human brain to a silicon device. Brain transplants have begun and the manufacturer is looking to enlarge his market by getting government funding for the operation. How determined are these people to achieve their goal? And is the technique really perfect or does it come at a cost? These two questions are the core of the plot, and keep things moving along.
Abby is an intelligent person with a one-track mind. Her intensity and focus moves those around her to assist her in her actions.
An interesting plot, but a bit forced at times.