Monday, 9 August 2010

Canadian Mystery

Finished August 8
The Weight of Stones by C.B. Forrest
The main character here is Toronto Detective Charlie McKelvey. He's been a bit stuck since the murder of his estranged son a couple years earlier, trying to find who was behind the crime. He doesn't think the detectives on the case have followed through on the leads provided, and has hounded them with his requests for information.
He is also having difficulty on the home front, growing more and more apart from his wife. They are dealing with their grief in very different ways, and although Charlie has been going to the support group at his wife's request, he doesn't feel he is getting anything from it.
As he finds the chance of justice growing more distant, he also gets felled by an unexpected illness, forcing an early retirement. With all the time on his hands, the case looms larger for him.
We see inside Charlie's head, and it isn't a happy place. He hasn't been happy in years and the obsession and guilt from his son's death aren't helping. This is a very human story, with a very flawed protagonist, but it feels real.

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