Saturday, 1 May 2010

Children's book

Finished April 30
The Shadow Dragons by James A Owen, read by James Langton
This book is part of the series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica.
The current caretakers have gathered in the woods near Oxford to discuss the current challenge of the young girl Rose, the Grail Child, who was brought through to their time on a previous adventure. They are met by a man who introduces them to even more dangers and in escaping from one situation, find themselves involved in another.
As the Shadow of the Winter King tries to take control of both the Archipelago and the Summer Lands, they must find a way to fulfill the prophecy that prevents this as well as dealing with the disintegration of the Keep of Time and the threats of the Imperial Cartological Society. With a variety of characters from the past, both literary and scientific, and they mythical knight Don Quixote, they look for the way to save the two worlds from a terrible fate.
For children 10 and up this is a deep fantasy novel with elements of this world, other worlds, and time travel. A very enjoyable read.

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