Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Fascinating Listen

Finished May 8
Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies with Alison Leslie Gold, read by Barbara Rosenblat
This is the story of the woman who helped to hide Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam. When the Franks were discovered, she found the diary and saved it, giving it to Otto Frank once she knew Anne wouldn't be coming back for it. Miep's story is an interesting one in its own right, with the Frank's story overlayed. This new edition updates the first and adds additional information that has surfaced since that time.
Offering another perspective on the story known around the world, this memoir is brought to life by the wonderful reader.
Oddly enough, I somehow missed ever reading The Diary of Anne Frank, but this story brought the experience to life. I will have to go back and read that one now too. This story is told in a very factual, yet human way, and the details really brought it to life. Miep is self-effacing and humble about her role in the famous story, but she obviously played a very important role.
Well worth listening to.

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