Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Greek Mystery

Finished February 26
Murder in Mykonos by Jeffrey M Siger
A young female tourist disappears on the island of Mykonos and no one takes notice until a body turns up on top of the bones in a crypt of a remote church. The island's new chief of police, Andreas Kaldis, is still finding his bearings in his new job and teams up with Cycladic Islands homicide chief Tassos, who is near retirement, to solve the murder.
They discover what no one wants to hear about, a serial killer gone undetected for years.
When another young woman disappears, things get more intense and the police are working against time to find her. With too many suspects and none at had to keep an eye on, they must follow the clue of the churches to lead them to their killer.
Starting out relaxed, and intensifying with the disappearance of the second woman, this is a fast moving book, taking into account politics and island rivalries as well as the realities of corruption.

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