Tuesday, 3 March 2009

European Mystery

Finished February 23
Blacklight Blue by Peter May
Enzo MacLeod, Scottish, former forensic scientist now teaching at Cahors, is betting that he could use his expertise to solve seven unsolved murders described in a book by Parisian journalist Roger Raffin. He's solved two of them as the book begins and is now working on the third, the murder of a Parisian rent boy more than fifteen years earlier. He is distracted from the case as he has just been told by a specialist that he has a rare form of leukemia with only months to live.
Also, someone seems to be intent on destroying his reputation and his relationships. Enzo finds himself the suspect in a murder investigation, and his daughters, Sophie and Kirsty, are targeted with violence. Enzo tries to protect his family by putting them in a safe place while he tries to work out who is after him. Taking us from France to England and Spain, the pace of this mystery is fast and the plot is gripping.
The only detail that bothered me was Enzo's ability to travel to other countries while out on bail.

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