Monday, 12 January 2009

Scottish Mystery

Finished January 11
White Nights by Ann Cleeves, read by Gordon Griffin
This great mystery, set in Shetland in midsummer starts in the present but the mystery originates in the past. The title refers to the time, midsummer, where the sun never sets. Some people find this unnerving and it may influence behaviour.
When a mysterious stranger makes a scene at a gallery event and then claims to not know who he is, the mystery comes to life. Detective Jimmy Perez, a Shetland native is at the art gallery and worries about the stranger. When he is later called to the discovery of a body hanging in a shed on the jetty near the gallery, things become more murky.
As Perez and his mainland boss investigate, they discover more than meets the eye in the small community where the events took place. Everyone in Biddista has their own worries, and when a second body is discovered things get very serious.
This is a great story and a great setting.

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