Monday, 26 January 2009

Reflective Novel

Finished January 26
Time is a River by Mary Alice Monroe
This is a feel-good novel although the main character, Mia Landon, starts off facing some things she'd rather not. Mia is a breast cancer survivor and her sister has given her the gift of a retreat with other survivors at a fly fishing resort. She is inspired and uplifted by the experience and wanting to share it with her husband, rushes home, only to discover him with another woman.
Devastated, she runs back to the retreat, where the owner, Belle Carson, takes her in, offering her a cabin to stay in for a season while she gets herself together and figures out where she wants her life to go next.
Mia finds herself intrigued by the last occupant and owner of the cabin, Kate Watkins, Belle's grandmother and becomes interested in her and her life. Against Belle's wishes, she digs into Kate's story and, in doing so, finds her own story as well. She also gets to know the people of Watkins Mill, the nearest town, and finds friends.
Fly fishing provides a thread through the book and connects the various characters through time. This is a good story with an interesting theme.

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