Friday, 25 July 2008

Murder Mystery

Finished July 25
Bad Move by Linwood Barclay
Having read Barclay's latest, I wanted to read one of his earlier, more humorous mystery books to get a feel for it. I am glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Zack Walker is a science fiction writer that used to write for newspapers and whose wife, Sarah, still does. Having seen crime rise in their downtown city neighbourhood and concerned for their teen children, Paul and Angie, the family has recently moved to the suburbs. Zack is still a bit hung up on safety issues, creating scenarios to drive home the safety messages he is trying send the rest of the family. This creates definite discord in the family and when he can't resist trying to teach his wife a lesson during a shopping trip, he becomes embroiled in a situation more dangerous than anything he could have imagined. Running from murderous men, and trying to stay alive and keep his family safe, Zack calls on neighbours who have interesting secrets as well.
This book is funny and the action keeps things moving. Zack and Sarah are well drawn characters who engage you.

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