Monday, 28 July 2008

Florida Mystery

Finished July 26
Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues by Blaize Clement
This is the latest in the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. Dixie used to be a cop, but when her husband and child were killed in an accident, she couldn't handle the job anymore and became a pet sitter. She lives in an apartment on a family property, with her brother and his partner living next door in the main house. She is still dealing with her grief around her loss, but has a way of stumbling into situations that involve murder and police.
In the book, she has been called and asked to go and feed an iguana while the owner is away, but on her way to this job discovers a dead gatekeeper at a mansion. She leaves, not wanting to get involved in another situation and lets someone else report it. Unfortunately she is see by someone and becomes involved anyway, as a suspect.
When she goes to the iguana job, she discovers the owner is ill and very strange and there are things going on in his house that look very suspicous.
Dixie is also starting to be interested in a relationship again, but she is drawn to more than one opportunity. And one of them is with someone in the police. She is still trying to sort out her feelings and working on instinct, and her motivations for helping others get her involved more deeply than she wants.
I also found it interesting that there is one storyline here that involves the 2004 tsunami, which I just read another book about.

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