Saturday, 5 July 2008

Family Story

Finished July 4
Constance by Rosie Thomas
Constance was found in a hedge when she was only a few hours old, abandoned by her mother. Growing up, she also felt lesser to her deaf sister Jeanette. After she discovers that she was adopted, she finds herself even more the outsider in her family. When she falls in love with Jeanette's fiance, Bill, she estranges herself from the family voluntarily.
She does well for herself, writing music for advertisements and films, but she can't resolve her love for Bill and that remains a presence in her life.
When she gets word that her sister is dying, she returns to England, and tries to reconcile with her sister.
There is also a side story here of a young woman, Roxana, from Uzbekistan trying to become an "English girl". Roxana has determination and a sense of self, and inspires Constance to face up to her life and what she really wants.

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