Wednesday 29 March 2023

Easter Morning, Easter Sun

Finished March 25
Easter Morning, Easter Sun by Rosanna Battigelli and Tara Anderson

This picture book has a cat family celebrating Easter from first thing in the morning until last thing in the evening. The figures are drawn engaging in human activity from wearing special clothes to Easter egg hunting. Besides the cats, we also see mice and birds, bees and the Easter Bunny.
They are finely drawn with lots of detail and come alive on the page. There are many details in the backgrounds as well from the stone path seen on the cover to trees and flowers.
The words are simple with four words to a page and each 2-page spread offering rhyming words. 
The morning starts with Easter buns, hot crosses on top and straight from the oven. It continues with Easter bonnets and an egg hunt, and a picnic with activities. It ends with an Easter dinner with the Easter bunny. 
A perfect book for the coming holiday.

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