Monday 27 March 2023

Cosy Nook Box for February 2023

 I just realized I never posted this Book Box, so here it is. 

First look at opening is nice.

Peeling back the tissue paper reveals a lot of the contents. I could see a treat, a few personal items, a nicely wrapped item in a patterned envelope with a ribbon, and a hint of the book cover. 

These are the personal grooming items. First, a nice looking body sponge, which I have already put to use. Then some bath salts with a wood scoop to get them into your bath. And lastly a soap bar shaped like a heart with a very pleasant floral smell. 

Then there are several items that are for me and my home. The patterned envelope wrapped with ribbon contained the necklace pictured beside it, a tree of life.  Then a candle with a subtle fragrance. The scraper below that should be with the personal grooming, but I didn't feel like redoing the picture. It's (I think) for your feet. And last a card for a game that sounds interesting. 

The food items were pretty good too. The popcorn was lightly salted and tasty. The tea was one I'd had in a previous box and not one I enjoy, but I shall find someone who does enjoy it. And the candy took my back to my childhood when I used to buy these. A great choice for February

The book itself came with a fun oversized bookmark. The novel was unfamiliar to me, but looks promising. It is a Christina fiction book with both romance and mystery. 

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