Sunday 29 March 2020

The Rumor

Finished March 10
The Rumor by Lesley Kara

This suspense novel follows Joanna, a single mom and real estate agent, in a seaside American town. Joanna is in a relationship with her son's father, a journalist, although he lives in the city near her. Her son is a little more susceptible to teasing as he is mixed race. Joanna moved to this town to be close to her mother, who helps out with child care. She is still in the early stages of finding friends, but is part of a book club, and sometimes talks to the other mothers at school pickup. As the book begins, she overhears a rumor that a woman may be living in their community, a woman who served time for killing a small child when she was only a child herself. Joanna mentions the rumor at book club, and it seems to take off. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Michael is working on the story, and proposes coming to live with her and their son for a while as he tracks the story.
This book shows how a rumor can spread, creating suspicion and distrust and actions that people may regret later. Joanna is a woman fairly new to town, wanting to fit in and using whatever comes to mind to make connections. She is well meaning, but doesn't always think through her actions. Michael is a little more fact-oriented here and acts as a mediating voice. This was an interesting and unsettling story.

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