Saturday 7 March 2020

The Prince and the Pilgrim

Finished February 25
The Prince and the Pilgrim by Mary Stewart

This book is set mostly in medieval England in the time of King Arthur.
Alice is a young woman whose mother died when she was born and whose father has made repeated pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to a shrine in Tours. While in Tours the two find themselves involved in a coup and they help someone make their way out to safety.
Alexander is a young man whose mother escaped with him from a threat from a family member. As he grew to be a man, it wasn't until an unexpected meeting with someone from that past that his mother apprised him of his parentage and the revenge she expected him to some day enact. But he felt an urge to make a move more immediately and sets out on a quest. The quest leads him to a court where he finds himself drawn to a powerful woman, but still trying to return to his quest.
At one point, the paths of Alice and Alexander cross, and both of the lives improve.
I enjoyed this story, but didn't find the depth of many of her other books that I've read. I did like the strength and intelligence of Alice and how she held her own, even in a the time she lived in.

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