Wednesday 25 June 2014

The Widow's Walk

Finished June 20
The Widow's Walk by Robert Barclay, performed by Kirsten Potter

This book is a paranormal fantasy romance, set around an antebellum mansion called Seaside. Garrett is an architect and he has been drawn to this house all his life. He finally had the opportunity to buy it and did so, but the house has been sadly neglected, and needs a lot of work. As he stays overnight there, he has a strangely vivid dream of a woman, and when he actually encounters her, his mind can't take it in.
But when he actually talks to her thinks get even more crazy. Can her story be true, that she lived in this house more than 170 years ago and has been caught between worlds ever since.
As the two, Garratt and Constance, compare stories, and have more vivid dreams, their search for answers grows more desperate. They both feel strongly that their time to find out what has left Constance in this limbo is something they have a limited time to answer.
The premise of the story was interesting, but didn't flow well. The writing was melodramatic at times, and the novel overall needed a good editor. There were two or three instances where statements made in the story directly contradicted statements previously made, and that kind of thing bothers me.

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