Friday 13 June 2014

And the Dark Sacred Night

Finished June 11
And the Dark Sacred Night by Julia Glass, read by Mark Deakins

This novel has early forties husband and father Kit Noonan having a bit of a mid-life crisis. He lost his job a few months back and is having difficulties finding a new one. His family is experiencing financial challenges as a result of this and the relationship between him and his wife Sandra is strained.
Kit's mother had him very young and has never revealed to him the exact circumstances of her pregnancy or who his biological father is. She married when Kit was nine or ten and he was absorbed into the home of Jasper Noonan and his two sons, both older than Kit. Sandra urges Kit to see Jasper as the first step in a real search for his biological roots, and he complies.
Kit's reintroduction into Jasper's life has Jasper reevaluating his life and his relationship with his sons, as well as his love life. Kit does find the family of his biological father and connects with them, but this connection brings unexpected knowledge as well.
The reader gets taken from Kit's life into the life of his mother the summer she got pregnant, and the life of his paternal grandmother Lucinda, as she struggles with her feelings about her son's paternity and her new chance at connection with Kit's reappearance in her life.
This is a complex novel of relationships, the need for connection with others, and the insights of hindsight.

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