Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hard Going

Finished February 25
Hard Going by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

This novel is part of the mystery series set in London featuring DI Bill Slider. His right hand man is DS Atherton. This case begins with the discovery of a man murdered in his own home. He was found by his cleaning lady, the morning after he was killed. As Slider and his team work to figure out who committed the crime and why, they encounter several possible suspects.
The victim, Lionel Bygod, was a retired solicitor who was active in a philanthropic way in his community. Not only did he participate in organizations who helped those in need, but he also offered his assistance to individuals that he had come to know. But he also seems to have started again several years back when he moved to this neighbourhood cutting off contact with those from his life previous to that, with few exceptions.
And so the questions begin: was it someone from his previous life who found him, was it someone he had used poor judgment in helping, was it the person who found his body? Slider and his team keep open minds as they learn more and more about Bygod.
I liked getting to know the personalities of Slider and his team members, as well as the gradual unveiling of Bygod's life. I also liked the author's sense of humour, with characters uttering malapropisms and puns. This humour comes through in many of the chapter titles, such as Algorithm and Blues. This is the 16th book in the series, so it looks like I have some catching up to do.

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