Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Think Colour

Finished June 10
Think Colour by Naomi Beth Wakan and Ruth Artmonsky

This book was created as part of the celebration of the authors' 80th birthday (they are twins) and the photos used to illustrate were all taken by family members.
They give us a celebration and meditation on colour, from the idea of colour and questions around it, to specific colours. Included are beautiful photos and great quotations, as well as brief but thoughtful commentary.
For the individual colours included, they begin with a brief list of colour names associated with the colour, qualities associated with it (with examples) and commentary followed by photos and quotations. I found the choices interesting and thought-provoking, as were omissions: where are my favourites French blue, Lime green, and Pewter grey? I know, I know, there are so many colour names as to make the task impossible.
A lovely book to inspire, and enjoy.

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