Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Carrying Mason

Finished May 28
Carrying Mason by Joyce Magnin

This children's novel is set in the late 1950s in a small town in Pennsylvania. Luna is 13, the second oldest in her family of five children, and mourning the death of her best friend Mason. Mason was an only child, who lived with his mentally disabled mother Ruby May. At first Luna is struck by her own loss, but she soon feels for Ruby May, who having previously lost her husband, has now lost her only child. Ruby May is grieving and is missing the support she had from Mason. Luna approaches her parents, proposing that she move in with Ruby May and play the role in Ruby May's life that Mason had been taking on.
Along the way, Luna discovers her own strength and even teaches some others a few things. Luna isn't perfect, but she has a good heart and faith, and those will go a long ways. Luna truly cares about Ruby May and sees her as a person. A feel-good novel that allows children to think about those who a developmentally delayed in new ways.

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  1. Now that was fast. This is quite a choice for you. A very important subject for young people and older people alike to understand.