Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gentle Read

Finished March 16
An Irish Country Girl by Patrick Taylor, read by Terry Donnelly
This book is part of Taylor's Irish Country series which features Mrs. Kinky Kinkaid as the doctor's housekeeper in the village of Ballybucklebo.
In this book, Kinky is preparing for a Christmas Day dinner, and begins reminiscing about her past. She starts the story by telling a group of village children a story about a ghost, the St. Stephen's Day ghost, from a personal experience when she was fourteen and living down in County Cork. Following this sad story about a young man close to her family, the children leave and Kinky continues to reminisce about her girlhood and young womanhood over the next few years. The reader sees how life formed Kinky into the woman she is now and how she ended up in the village.
Kinky is an endearing character and it is pleasant to see how the young woman was and what her issues were.

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