Monday, 29 June 2009

Mystery in Series

Finished June 27
Dante's Numbers by David Hewson
Nic Costa and his colleagues are back. Their team is responsible for the security of museum pieces on display for and relating to a new movie based on Dante's Inferno. The Carabinieri are responsible for the security of the people, such as actors. When the leading man is killed, and his death is broadcast across the world, the action is abruptly pulled back to San Francisco. Here Nic and his colleagues are once again relegated to a lesser role, but they keep finding clues to the murder and what is behind it.
With characters such as twin retired firefighters and a emotionally damaged leading actress, and ties to Hitchcock movies, there is a lot going on.
The setting of San Francisco, foreign to the Italian police, offers interesting possibilities and with Nic still recovering from his recent loss, we see more about his relationship with the rest of his team. A great read, as usual.

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