Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Audio Fiction

Finished June 23
Lost in the Forest by Sue Miller, read by Blair Brown
Needing something to listen to, I grabbed this audiobook last week. I've read one other of Sue Miller's books and enjoyed it, and I found this one a good story as well.
In this book we see the life of Eva, divorced from Mark and now happily married to John, and Eva's three children, Emily and Daisy with Mark and Theo with John.
When John is killed in a car accident, everyone's lives change dramatically. Mark becomes involved in Theo's life. Daisy, who was very close to John, feels resentment against her parents. Emily takes on new responsibilities. Theo has trouble accepting his father's death, even though he was present when it occurred.
While the book touches on everyone, we see most deeply into Mark and Daisy. Mark tries to find a way to be a dad again, and struggles with his image of his role in everyone's lives. Daisy finds her world unstable, and enters a disturbing relationship with a family friend.
A story of people and relationships and how we see things in different ways.

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