Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Finished April 29
Losing You by Nicci French
This is a book that is hard to put down (of course, the fact that there are no chapters adds to the difficulty). The plot moves along, fast and unforgiving and you move with it. Nina is recently divorced, and today on her fortieth birthday she and her two children are supposed to be leaving for Heathrow and from there to Florida. Her daughter, Charlie, is fifteen and hasn't come home from the sleepover she was at last night. Something about the situation just feels wrong to Nina, and she calls the police. They are wont to dismiss it as a simple runaway situation, but Nina knows there is more to it. As she relentlessly tracks down where Charlie has been and what she has and hasn't done, she must also fight the police tendency to bureaucracy and statistics. Nina is a mother who knows her daughter less than she thought, but more than others believe and she fights against time to find out what has happened.
I spent pretty much all Monday evening engrossed in this book, reluctantly going to bed at a decent hour and finished it this morning. The pace of the plot is quick and left me feeling almost breathless. Nina is a great character as well. A great read.

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