Sunday, 27 April 2008

Thriller with a different point of view

Finished April 27
The Killer's Wife by Bill Floyd
This story has a very different scenario from any I've read before. The main character, Leigh, is the ex-wife of a man who is a convicted serial killer. After she gave him up to the police, she got a divorce, changed her name and moved across the country. Now, a member of one of the victim's families has tracked her down and made her identity known.
As Leigh struggles with her past come back to haunt her, she reflects on life with her husband and the guilt she feels about his deeds.
She must also deal with the reaction of those around her and her son. As she gets drawn into the past, she must also deal with a new killer who is replicating her husband's methods and, it seems, focusing on her.
Lots of suspense, good writing around the emotions of the ex-wife, and a good plot.

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