Tuesday 21 May 2024

By the Book

Finished May 16
By the Book by Jasmine Guillory

This is the second book in the Meant to Be series, but the first I've read. The main character here is Isabelle (Izzy to her friends) and she has been working for a big publisher as an editorial assistant for a couple of years. The job is hard work and her boss Marta doesn't give a lot of feedback. Isabelle has made friends with Priya, another editorial assistant at the same publishing firm. As the book opens, they are both looking forward to an upcoming conference in California, even though they know they'll be spending most of their time working. One of the writers that Marta signed a book deal with is Beau Towers, a former child star and the son of two celebrities that has been known as a bit of a bad boy. Every couple of weeks Isabelle sends him an email asking if he needs any assistance and just generally checking in with him. Marta hasn't received anything from him, and it has been months. Isabelle has started having a little fun with the emails, talking about trivial things, other books, and trying to be friendly, but she's never had a response. When Isabelle overhears Marta complaining about Beau's lack of writing to another editor at the conference she impulsively offers to go to Beau's home and try to get some answers. 
Beau's home is in Santa Fe, only a few hours from where the conference is, and so Izzy drives there and things begin to get very interesting. As she and Beau get to know each other, and she helps him get started on the book, more personal notes begin to appear in their conversations. 
I liked the immersion into the publishing and writing side of things, seeing how Izzy uses what she's learned to give Beau prompts and keep him moving forward. I also enjoyed seeing her blossom in her confidence, and be willing to try new things herself. 
A fun and very engaging read about two characters that definitely grew on me. 

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