Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Cosy Nook Box for January 2023

 The January box arrived near the end of the month and I've finally got around to getting all the pictures done.

Here's the box and the first look at opening. As you can see the theme for this month was "Be Kind"


Pulling back the tissue paper, I got my first peek at the contents. It looks intriguing.

Organized by general category, here's what in it, starting with a note, a notebook, and a bookmark 

Here are the edibles. The tea variety is new to me and looks interesting. 

These are the personal items in the box. There is a pair of gray trouser socks, a satiny champagne coloured scrunchie, some bubble bath, some toner, and a charm 

And last,but not least the book itself, a mug with the month's theme and a wristband key ring.

The book featured this month is suspense novel from 2021.


  1. This looks so lovely. Is this something like postcrossing where you send something to a random person on a list?

    1. It's a subscription box that I started getting late last year.

    2. Oh, I see. Thanks for the answer. I guess that wouldn't be available here but I'm looking forward to your next deliveries.