Sunday 1 January 2023

Summary of 2022 Reading

I always keep statistics on my reading and one of the sites I track it on gave me some additional information that I will share.
Total books read was 102, much less than the previous few years. I would have to go back more than 20 years to get a number lower than that of 2022. 
Total pages read was 29,073.

Children    10
Teen            5
Adult         87

(there is some overlap with multigenre books so the numbers won't necessarily add up)
Fiction                                            86
    Fantasy                                         6
    Historical Fiction                       10
    Mystery/Thriller                         33
    Romance                                    26
    Science Fiction                            2
    Short Stories                                6
    Western                                        1
Nonfiction                                     16
    Essays                                         0
    History                                        2
    Memoir/Biography                     6
    Poetry                                          2
    Science/Social Science               4
Setting (some books had multiple settings, some didn't have one, or it wasn't named)
Canada                                          9
United States                               52
Europe                                         30
Asia                                               4
Australasia                                    2
Africa                                            1
South and Central America           2
Fictional world                              1

Translations    3
    French                 1
    Portuguese          1
    Spanish               1

Library                  11
My own                81
Borrowed                2
Temporary              9
* temporary were digital copies that expired, but not from the library

70 of the owned books left for new homes after I read them.

Men            18
Women       76
Both             5

Physical book        87
ebook                    15
Advanced copy     27
Netgalley                9

29 of the books were part of a series, and 77 of them were authors I hadn't read before.

Other insights
Storygraph analyzed some things that I hadn't before and I found it very interesting
One thing it looks at was the mood of the books. Lighter books moved the line up. My graph had a definite upward slant to it.
I could also see from another graph that I went through obvious cycles this year in reading and not reading, with the line undulating up and down.
My longest read this year was only 544 pages, while the shortest was 24 pages, and my average length came in at 287 pages.

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