Thursday 29 December 2022

Dusk in the Frog Pond

Finished December 20
Dusk in the Frog Pond and Other Stories by Rummana Chowdhury

I won this book from 49th shelf and have taken my time savouring the stories contained in it. It's a nice slim book, perfect for my purse, and thus a good book to be able to pull out and read in short bursts when I'm waiting for something. The stories are set in Bangladesh, the United States, and Canada, following the lives of various women as they encounter upsets, small and large, in their daily lives. These women are wives and mothers and they face difficulties ranging from adjusting to a new culture or a new home, dealing with husbands whose work takes them away from home, having children or not, or facing infidelity and loss.
These stories have kindness and love, violence and grief, and in all of them women make choices, choices that change their lives, that disrupt and heal. I really enjoyed them and reread several to savour the writing. 

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